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PetitionsThe Youtube activist whose channel is known as Sargon of Akkad, started a little petition calling for the end of education in social justice within the universities.

April 20 2016 (or Year 1, as it will be henceforth known) is the beginning of the push back against the bizarre collectivist ideology that pervades universities, has strong influence in most mass media and is routinely ridiculed by large numbers of independent youtube channels.

When our group  (Feminism:What is it? ) took up this cause, the petition had already received 20,000 signatures. By the end of our first day that was up by 8,000. Now 6 days since the petition started total signatures exceed 58,000.

This is international and has resonated with those of us who believe in academic integrity and individual freedom.

Please share either the article or the Hub on Facebook or Google+, tweet about it, sign the petition, join a group, network, read the Strategy and tell others.

It is time to push back.


Here are some of the thousands of comments made by signatories to the petition:


I’m signing because I enrolled in a sociology class, but found myself in a leftist indoctrination ritual. Instead of instructing us on what sociology is, we were force-fed a basket of racist, sexist, and discriminatory ideas. We were told that whiteness is evil. We were told that men are scum. We were told that Karl Marx was the only ‘sociologist’ worth paying attention to.

We did not learn about sociology.


 I’ve seen too many good people ruined by this ideology. It corrupts good meaning people turning them into racist zealots that don’t know they’re propping up a system that is going to purge them if they ever speak up after it comes to power.


am signing this because I myself was indoctrinated by these beliefs that so heavily mentally and emotionally damage our youth now. After being shown the contradictions and hypocrisy, I have been enlightened and see the falsehoods which are being taught more and more rigorously in college campuses across the country.


I’m liberal, gay, studied gender and LGBT issues, and advocated for equality for over a decade.

Now, Millennial college kids aggressively promote the very things equality activists fought against for years: misinformation, collectivism, shame, stereotypes, corporatism, intolerance.

So-called “social justice” is rooted in these things. It’s not progressive, rather it is the bizarre fusion of regressive ideas the Christian right peddled a decade ago, with alarming corporatist and authoritarian sensibilities; all under the veil of neo-Marxist rhetoric. After sparring with the anti-gay Christian right for over a decade, even they did not treat me as poorly as “social justice” obsessed Millennial leftists do.


1984 is becoming a reality and we need to stop it now before it is too late.


Reality is not a social construct.


I didn’t leave Islam and join academia so that I have to fight against yet another ideology that demonizes people for dissent, and punishes them for thought crime. Not again.

Social justice is not a religion of peace.

The universities are allowing hate speech and prejudice to fester by allowing sjw fanatics to incite it in a protected environment

I care about the future.

I am in College right now and see the affects of this first handed and it is awful.

As someone who was born in totalitarian country (Communist Czechoslovakia), I am deeply concerned about individual liberties, for they have been trampled upon in my country for a long time. I observe the state of affairs on US campuses for quite some time already, and I am becoming more and more uneasy about the future of Western society. Will it keep its freedom or will it fall into a new kind of a totality?

If we allow this sort of backwards think to continue it will eventually result in the decline of this Western Country into Marxism.

Social Justice has become a neo-fascist cult of personalities, where the demagogues are infallible and accusations are the same as evidence. It’s a blight upon our free world.

The regressive’s are destroying our country and social identity through this garbage indoctrination/ideology.

I am.. a student at Seneca College in Canada, at the York campus. ..a tech course…

… My problem is that the rest of the courses are all based on the far-left ideologies shared by the professors, …. Every non-tech class you are forced to take has an ideological spin on it, and I am sick of it.

I just want my tech degree, and I want out, but I have to do all this extra bullshit…

…I can’t bring it up with the college, because I am worried about being expelled. They are forcing me to spend money that I don’t have on courses I don’t care about and I am sick of it.

I have experienced this kind of “education” and I can attest that it was indeed damaging to my psyche.

I sign this petition because Social Justice endangers the values of our western societies.

I am signing this because as a rational person, I have come to the conclusion that Social Justice is a poison not only to western society and culture, but to Humanity as a whole. We live in a time in which humans cannot afford to regress as it can easily lead to the extinction of our cultures and may very well lead us down a path we will never recover from.

My kids are about to enter collage. I do not want them incurring debt from schooling that is teaching them to hate themselves.

Universities should be places where free expression and the marketplace of ideas reigns. If one feels their policy or moral outlook is superior, they ought to convince others of it; silencing others through coercion, false claims of harassment/abuse due to minor criticism, et cetera both perpetuates a chilling effect and widens bitter, partisan divide. Nobody learns or benefits from this academic void/bubble. 

My university is becoming a hotbed for overly sensitive, permanently offended individuals who are trying to enforce rules and regulations on how EVERYONE should live in uni. Its making going to university worse for everyone else.

Please do something about these courses and this epidemic before the people who go to uni to get an education get sick of it and go elsewhere. I don’t want to be dictated how to live my life by someone who doesn’t know my life.

I judge people on their own, individual actions. SJWs judge people based on their race, gender, sexual preferences, physical handicaps, and age. Who’s the bigot?


I want a society where people are allowed to make their own decisions about what they believe without fear of being harassed by Social Justice mobs. I am against the indoctrination and scare tactics utilized by those who wish to control others thoughts, speech, and actions.

I’m a wheelchair user and going to a University near me will be crucial. However the two nearest ones have censored and even denied platforms to people with differing opinions.

As a result I’m going to have to travel from my home in South Wales to a university in England and live in student accommodation away from my doctors that are aware of my rare genetic disability.

The fault is on the COLLEGES themselves. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You coddle and reward this behavior, and it is no wonder that it continues spread. Colleges have the power to shut down this harmful new zealotry that has arisen. You have a responsibility to stomp out anti-intellectual bullying.

Social justice is merely a term for a specific form of racist, sexist bigotry. Due to this hateful ideology, I’ve had to move my place of living due to harassment I received from flatmates that did not like the fact that I wasn’t part of their cult.
They have no factual basis for their positions, preferring highly flawed methodology and moral shaming.
This should not be promoted in academia.

These programs are to blame for the rise in racial tension and hate groups throughout the West.

Social Justice ruined my family

It’s a cult of victimhood that poisons the well of honest debate.

That hurts freedom of expression. It’s a threat to rationality like the Christian right was. It also disturbs me in how they try to take over (co opt) every facet of culture,and making everything at best mediocre.

I don’t want to live in a dystopian hellscape reminiscent of 1984. These people could be tomorrows leaders fill me with horror. It would be brilliant if they put a fraction of effort to real meaningful action against real pressing problems instead of trendy faux causes. But I guess that would mean actual real work.

Safespaces have no place in Universities. No opinion, no matter how uncomfortable, should be barred from being spoken and openly and seriously discussed. The coddling of our youth has to stop.

I am from Africa and have seen this reasoning being applied in the real world it has to be stopped.

By indoctrinating children into a bigoted ideology, we are unwittingly crafting a future that will have no place for what we now define as a free society. This cannot be allowed to happen.

I don’t want the United States to be segregated again.

These people are endangering everything the west has spent thousands of years building up, and I don’t want to see all their effort go to waste due to some regressive shitslingers.


I have experienced some of this first hand and have researched the SJW ideology for some time. It is certainly best for students to have this indoctrination stopped, or at the very least, there must be a conversation about it. Free speech must win, and this totalitarian ideology must be be shown to be nonsense.



SJW’s are Nazis


I sign, because I remember how it was to live under a rule of collectivist ideology (maxism-leninism). Universities should be places of education and research, not ideology and indoctrination.

People bitten by venomous snakes can save their bodies through sacrifice, cutting off a limb. In the spirit of that I believe Social Justice Wankers should be stopped before the poison has spread on a global scale.

Concerned Eastern European

As someone who lives in a third world country, I can only see this whole social justice circus as preposterous. Here’s a bunch of people that haven’t known any real discrimination or poverty indoctrinating the young into hating themselves for things they’re not responsible for or teaching them to feel oppressed.

I’m disappointed that much of modern academia is discussing racist nonsense instead of focusing on modelling the ideals of classical liberalism.

I don’t want to have my son attacked by bigoted zealots judging him for his skin and gender.

The SJ movement is the biggest threat to free speech and social stability in decades.

Orwell’s nightmare isn’t an instruction manual.

Social justice is a cancer in the tissues of society.

Courses such as these bring a bad name to every proper sociology department out there, and in fact put some people off from ideas of equality due to promoting a corrupted version of these fine ideas.

These extremists are bent on repeating the same mistakes of less enlightened times, demanding an era where one’s humanity is defined by inalterable physical characteristics.

They use censorship, defamation and propaganda as weapons against our fundamental freedoms; hysteria and intolerance as defences against our arguments.

This sort of tyranny and intellectual dishonesty cannot be allowed to propagate lest it damage our society irrevocably.

Universities are supposed to be about education not indoctrination into totalitarian ideology.

I’m signing this petition because I’ve done nothing but save women and children and protect people in general, and yet, in the past 10 years that somehow has, in actuality, made me a racist rapist.

All of you involved with this disgusting movement are literally educating the downfall of society–a statement which should be mutually exclusive non sequitur instead of the most accurate of descriptions.

The foundation of Western Civilization is that the freedom of the individual is the most important thing in society. Individual liberty, good; slavery, bad. Not a hard concept, however one that millions of people had to die for over the centuries. Maybe we shouldn’t throw it away for a few whining idiots.

Because bigotry veiled in good intentions is still bigotry

Social Justice is a cancer that is destroying the enlightenment values and liberal principles that are foundational to Western society.

It is brainwashing children and young adults into Orwellian doublethink. 

I took a sociology class first semester and thought it would teach about how societies form, some history maybe, some overall group psychology maybe, but I got “oppression in black ghettos”, “have people on campus experienced racism?”, and other garbage.

…the class was flawed as a whole and what they taught was incorrect with skewed statistics, unreliable studies, and twisted situations through an SJW lense.

I want this to stop so my children won’t have to live in a world where this is the norm.

Free thinkers and rational minds have spent centuries attempting to shake off the authoritarian control of theocracy in the western world and I’m not keen to see that replaced with flagellant zealots of any kind.

Political correctness is regressing into censorship. We are abandoning reason and evidence in favor of emotional narrative.

We are placing more weight on projections than we are on objective evidence.

No one is allowed to have an honest conversation anymore without encountering violence, job jeopardy and public smearing.

Dissenting opinion, the foundation of all effective discourse, is being labelled as hate speech.

When you hear students attending the pinnacles of higher education argue that university is not the place for intellectual freedom, you know something has gone horribly wrong.

Please stop this madness before we undo the freedom millions have died for in the past.

Social Justice is a poisonous ideology that indoctrinates impressionable young minds into a suicidal cult of the perpetually offended.

The end result of Social Justice is a Police state, constructed to protect feeling from being hurt, no dissenters allowed, no differences of opinion to be tolerated.

Freedom of speech must be protected if western civilisation is to prosper and survive into the future.

Social Justice is antithetical to all western values, and unless we tackle it now, before it gets completely out of control, western civilisation will be permanently, irreproachably damaged and will no longer be worth saving or protecting for future generations.

Social Justice will destroy western civilisation. It is creating a coward society of mind-enslaved weaklings, an emasculated civilisation that hates itself and is doomed to collapse as stronger, more masculine cultures come in and mop up what is left of a once strong and proud civilisation.

Suspend Social Justice Courses now.
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”
― George Orwell, 1984

I believe gender politics is divisive and an anti-Enlightenment pseudo-philosophy.

It diminishes the individual by reducing them to a ‘gender’ in the same way Nazism diminished individuals by reducing them to race.

Such dangerous and irrational thinking has no place in educational establishments.

I have a concern for the future of academia, art, and the world.

Don’t judge someone on their gender, sexuality, or ethnicity. Judge them on their actions and opinions

In my current Anthropology class, I am told my views on racism and gender issues don’t matter because I am a white male and have never experienced discrimination….let that sink in.

My opinion doesn’t matter…. because of my race and gender….

The novel ‘1984’ is becoming a documentary about 2016.

This must be stopped. This mentality is spreading world wide and will mean the end to reason and years of development.


Social Justice is not just a course or two, but a cancer that invades and destroys all others at a university or college. 

I’m signing this because I want a better ( and less stupid) world.

The indoctrination of white guilt, blatant racism against white people, blatant sexism against men has to stop.

These courses are turning children into raving lunatics, dangerously self entitles brats. End it before it destroys the current university generation completely.

Vive la liberté d’expression !

We fought against the dogma of darkness age Christianity, we fought against the forces of Nazi Germany, we fought against slavery and racism.

Now we must once again stand our ground against a movement that may change the next generation into the same thing we stood against before…

With words and reason we can break this cycle of hatred that the cultists peddle to our youngsters…

I see my rights, my values, and my very principles being violated by people in their ivory towers, so removed from the rest of the world – yet still insist they know what’s best for everyone else.

A reduction of ideas brings us closer to the darkness. A darkness where thought will no longer be possible. We may end up equal, but we will be equally miserable.

I truly believe the SJW culture is killing the intellectual discourse of our nation.

“Social Justice” has become a religion of hatred which doesn’t belong in universities.

I find the screaming voices of the SJWS so bad that it makes me afraid to go to school as a straight white male.

There seems to be a witch hunt for “privileged” people like myself, and it’s terrifying what the ramifications might be in the future. 

I have a son in college who was required to take a women’s social problems course and was failed because he would not agree that “personal responsibility” was hate speech.

He refused to conform and was given a “F”.

It’s odd he was required to take a women’s studies course as he’s a Prelaw English Major.

It is more dangerous than many people think, and could very well lead to severe problems in future.

Freedom of speech is the most important human right and essential for a free democracy.

It is my firm belief that these classes should be under review and should have their content rigorously tested to ensure that they aren’t causing any undue influence in which, either the student can be harmed, or the student be capable of rendering harm to an individual simply for disagreeing

Social Justice is not fact or evidence based, is affecting the mental health of young people and is almost useless in terms of finding a job.

These courses are making people dumber than they were before they took the course.

This needs to stop.


Hatred and a rejection of objectivity in favor of making stuff up shouldn’t be “taught” at university.

…we’ve already ruined some of my generation, lets stop it here…

…a highly ranking, prestigious university…  the Orwellian state of the “campus culture” is constricting and stifling.

Even mandatory English courses are built on the foundation of post colonialism, the professors own subjective views of modern feminism, as well as other loaded, loosely related and even ridiculous lenses from post structural “critical theory” 

I fear this indoctrination in place of education will lead to a generation of learned helplessness, mass breakdown of communication at a societal level, weakening of western countries (teaching these things at a university level) and finally: systematically dismantling the stability of the collective mental health in university educated individuals who should become the leaders of tomorrow.

As a product of a social justice university curriculum (UC Berkeley) I feel as if my time and money was not respected and I was force fed ideological drivel rather than real skills that can apply to building a career

It’s quite appalling to see how “Social Justice” has become something so disgusting and radical.

It’s literally brainwashing college students. It isn’t enlightenment, it isn’t the future, it’s regression.

I’m scared that my fellow citizens and I will be judged and have our characters conclude by arbitrary, uncontrollable aspects of our physicality.

I am a journalism student in college, and I have had classes where we were forced to learn about modern feminism and social justice. One text book even talked about Anita Sarkeesian. It is a complete joke.

I took a Social Justice course at my school. It’s absolute indoctrination. 

I think it is immoral to judge someone on the basis of attributes that person has no control over. That, in my eyes, is just disgusting.

The dystopian fantasy land that social justice indoctrination attempts to place over reality is doing irreparable damage to not only society but those who get involved.


my child.. a CIS gendered, white male  is only 4… is being discriminated against…  

If you spend some time listening to the hatred and rhetoric coming from gender studies courses you would be appalled.

Last month my Niece and Nephew were asked to consider their sexual identity and to take serious the possibility that they may be gender queer in an anti bullying campaign that forced them to wear orange in an act of conformity, the crazy has spread this far, short of writing a novel the results speak for themselves.

This is not unlike religious indoctrination.

It’s hate filled bigotry that is harming our children and their future endeavours, it needs to stop.

I miss when having opinions was okay.

The future of western civilization and the legacy of the enlightenment depends on compassion, reason and an earnest passion for truth.

All of these are ruthlessly crushed in the name of progress on university campuses all over the world.

Reflect on what these people are actually teaching; hatred, pesuedo-science and self-guilt.

If we do not allow creationism to dominate our classrooms, why should we allow socjustice?

As a university student, [who] has taken a social justice class as a require social science credit for my degree, I have experienced first hand how these classes work and they are creating their own problems by teaching students this ideology.

I can only hope that Social Justice’s place within universities across the globe can come to an end within the near future, as it is the figurative cancer that is going to ruin our culture.

It has had no benefit for anyone, beyond ironically the racist…

When an ideology finds the freedom of speech to be oppressive, the ideology is the one that had to be removed.


Leave children alone, they should not be subject to insanity or the unearned guilt that social justice attempts to foist upon them. 

The brainwashing of the educational system is unacceptable.

My field is Criminology..

I am sickened and shocked by these social justice courses churning out pseudo-science and ideologies harming the position of genuine social science; … backed up with misinterpreted and misrepresented data, if they even bother giving data to back their claims, only goes to tarnish the positions and credibility of scientists that genuinely want to produce useful and accurate studies and papers on real social issues.

I happen to dislike Orwellian dystopias.

Social Justice is a pseudoscience which assumes itself to be 100% true before making wild claims about statistics with no relevant statistical data to be seen.

It’s anti intellectual and anti science and does not belong in a space for higher education.

Social Justice is a cancer and it needs to be cured immediately.


I’ve seen campuses make the change from a place of intellectual growth to an over sensitive minefield of forbidden topics and anti-free speech rhetoric everywhere.

I’m tired of seeing the ideologies of social justice take over the classrooms and produce some of the most entitled and childish adults the world has ever known. This really needs to stop.

The Hitlerjugend also sought to educate the youth… We can’t let history repeat itself

I never want this to come to Finland, as it is in America or Britain

I have signed this petition because social justice has become an excuse for race baiting and creating an in group/out group mentality in children that, at best is detrimental, at worst is evil.

I wish for my children to live in society in which they and their peers are judged not by their race, but by their actions and merits.

This vision is not compatible with the ideological foundation of the SJW movement.

The brainwashing MUST end!

Activists in academia are destroying the fundamental rights of the people.


Social Justice is harmful to the progress of humanity


social justice is ruining peoples’ lives and I don’t want my children to have to grow up with bigots for teachers.

I have seen to many of my friends brainwashed in social justice driven humanity classes to the point where many have just either became a pool of self hated just because of their race and gender, while I’ve seen others who would be the first person in line to tie a rope around the neck of “the filthy white men”.

Such hate for a single group of people, it was something I’ve only read about in history and fiction, but I slowly see those who are more than willing to repeat history if it means they can be put into “power”.

For this reason, I can’t just stand by. I won’t see the blood of one friend on the hands of another. This insanity has to stop.

Why I’m signing? My future, that’s why.

Why is creationism not allowed to be taught at university? Or astrology?

Because the claims proponents of such positions make are objectively false.

Their “teachings” are inconsistent with reality and methodologically, epistemologically and ontologically unsound.

The same is true for any social justice curricula.

We cannot allow bullshit like this to be propagated in universities.

…time to chase the modern bullshit merchants out as well.

The regressive hive mind is stifling this generation’s grasp of individual thought. It’s time to put a stop to it.

Racism and sexism once again rear their ugly head, but this time its headed by the people who are ironically trying to advocate for “equal” rights

The only way to stop this plague, this mental virus from spreading is destroying its roots, which are located in the American and British universities.

It is a cult and brainwashes our students. 

SJW’s are ruining the world with their hate speech

The social science behind “social justice” is pseudo-science

SJW’s are ruining civil rights

I’m signing because I have witnessed first-hand the madness that is contemporary gender studies.

I’m signing this because feminism has corrupted the universities of this country, you can’t breath without being label some kind of sexist or racist.

I’m signing because I believe in western democratic principles.

All men and women should be treated equally regardless of gender or race.

“But you’re a libertarian, why would you shit on other people’s freedom of speech like this?”

…sometimes [you] have to quell others freedom because they are posing an even larger risk to even more people’s freedoms. 

This is pure madness and it has to stop.

Ideology has no place within an institution meant for fact.

These people are preaching segregation. It’s insanity.

They are simply trying to provoke that which they claim to be against

Social Justice indoctrination is eliminating individual identity, demonizing masculinity on a public scale and does not need to continue.

This is government-sponsored race-baiting.

Academic rigor is extremely important. So is academic freedom. These courses are quite lacking on the first point, and quite damaging to the second.

I have seen this ideological nonsense affect the people around me. People I know and love have learned to see the world in an illogical and harmful way, and I want it to stop.

When certain newspapers are banned on campuses, we are only one step away from book burning

I am convinced that unfettered the social justice movement has the capacity to destroy the fundaments of western civilisation.

I mean this literally, not as hyperbole.

I’m signing because I am seeing no good coming from “Social Justice.” It’s an ideology of hate and is being pushed into topics politics don’t even belong in.

I’m signing because I’m sick of my tax dollars and time being wasted teaching an entire generation racist beliefs.

I am in college now and I always worry about speaking up in my classes.

My textbook tells me things that I wouldn’t be surprised to see coming out of the mouth of Sarkeesian.

I’m in the arts, so I really see the worst of it.

Media studies in particular really needs a reform. 

In spite of the claim of compassion, the left has become a motley collection of thugs and bullies.

They are destroying higher learning.

This cancerous ideology is indoctrinating the university students of our society into a culture of power to whoever can proclaim themselves the biggest victim, regardless of whether they are actually genuine victims of any degree of prejudice or discrimination.

I believe in equality, for all people.

I see a societal regression.

Due process is breaking down, scientific method is being ignored, and in some severe cases, we are beginning to willingly segregate ourselves.

If this continues like I fear it will, our future can only be described as dystopian. 

I worry about the future of the western values


I’m a leftist, I always thought it would be the Far Right Wing who would take away my rights. Things have gone too far.

Bring back common sense.

As a poor African American youth I am not oppressed like the people who teach these courses say I am.

I am able to do everything that they are and i should be held accountable for my actions like everybody else.

Save academia and politics from this cancer

Social justice is labelling everyone as racist regardless of any actions taken or beliefs held by any individual.

Aside from the fact that this idea makes no coherent sense, it is also factually wrong and therefore has no place in our universities where empirical evidence and objective thought is supposed to be held to the highest regard.

These classes are teaching ideas that are simply wrong in every kind of way and are causing more detriment to society and the mental well-being of students than any actual racism found within our society already.

This teaching is ridiculous and cannot be allowed to cause its harm any longer.

These people are insane.

I was a student of sociology many years ago, and although I noticed it was tainted by my professor with feminist views, the newer text books have evolved to openly pushing a very dogmatic and ostracizing ideology of intersectional feminism and social justice dogma, never to be questioned or dissented against.

Because higher learning shouldn’t be about teaching people to become victims who cry racism or sexism while they themselves are spouting racist and sexist propaganda.

Because freedom of speech matters.

Because when the best argument university students can come up with is “it’s the current year” or “check your privilege”.


the madness has to stop.

I see this happening in schools, and it is sad to see that young minds must censor themselves in order to make sure they don’t microagress anyone.

It is ruining humor, casual conversations, and relationships.

This must stop.

I am for the advancement of the human race. Not the regression

Social justice is a sick, totalitarian ideology and for that reason it needs to be opposed

Social “Justice” is the modern face of bigoted witch hunts.

That western “Higher Education” doesn’t just teach these concepts but indoctrinates and demands students conform to their regressive hateful ideology is not just a failure of the core intent of education but a degradation of society 

Because social justice is everything that’s wrong with universities.

Because the SJW are attacking and silencing people for having different opinions.. these courses effectively teach how to do this

SJWs are facists in disguise, and to think that they’re being heard and are organized in certain parts of the world genuinely concerns me.

Professors, Lecturers and other faculty should not be allowed to use their positions to push their ideological agendas, particularly Ideologies as divisive and bigoted as the cancerous SJW cult

The college I want to go to, U of Michigan Ann Arbor, has free speech zones. The rest of campus is a safe zone were no one is actually safe from anything except the truth.

Indoctrination is not education

social justice is making a mockery of scientific institutions and, more importantly, the scientific method.

It is a hateful, paranoid and authoritarian movement that is actively influencing institutions of education on all levels to indoctrinate young people.

The divisiveness of social justice is harming interpersonal relations and preventing intercultural understanding and cooperation.

This divisive ideology has to be fought.

I’m signing because social justice fascists need to be stopped. We don’t need the 1930’s all over again which is where sjw’s are taking us

…because while in graduate school, my classmates laugh at men’s mental health because, and I quote, “They’re white men. What problems could they possibly have?”


Marxism failed because capitalism made the workers so wealthy and satisfied it disproved all the Marxist predictions.

Marxist teachers that espouse it has reared its ugly head as Social Justice theory…

As before it gains power thru disseminating lies and untruths in place of facts.

I am forced to do a gender studies class while studying sociology. and all it promotes is feminism and I have to write assignments on how bad women have it because of men. (Anton De Kom University)

There are thousands of wonderful comments, you can read more on the link below. The recurring descriptions of social justice are:

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It is time to push back.

Source of comments: https://www.change.org/p/universities-suspend-social-justice-in-universities/c