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It is another demo on an American campus over an incredibly important issue, as explained by one of the speakers:

The reason I am dropping out of university is that I was the only person at the meeting who understood what preferred pronouns meant, and I had to explain that being non-binary is not the same as being bi-sexual.

So this person who wishes to be referred to as they realised that American University simply was not sufficiently dedicated to social justice for they to continue their studies.

Meanwhile, a person (I am out on a limb here assuming the person to be a man) who reminded me a little of Milo Yiannopoulos with blonde & black dyed hair, heavy graveyard black eye shadow, wearing an off the shoulder top and a business skirt displayed a hand written sign declaring “Milo wants me dead”.

What is the basis for this claim? Neither the holder of the sign nor Milo were available for comment.

Whatever they was about to say with their megaphone (and I am sure it would have been enthralling) was interrupted by a person coming out of the building who was then taunted by the crowd several members of which rushed towards the extruder with cries of “Coward” when he retreated back into the building.

So, who can we blame for triggering this display of social justice, this outrage of decent moral people, who had come together to show their desire for a fairer world?

Who else, but the dangerous faggot himself, Milo Yiannopoulos, of course. (The man who infuriates me too, because I always have to check how to spell his name.)

The demo took place in front of the step of the building where Milo was speaking.


The video is unlisted so I am not linking to it. The demo took place at American University in front of the steps of the auditorium where Milo spoke.

Tomorrow Monday 25th April 2016 Milo speaks in Massachusetts (a state which I dislike as much as Milo & for the identical reason) together with Christina Hoff Sommers, and  Steven Crowder