Strategy: Unmaking a femnie-Be a liberator

You are a liberator, a destroyer of false ideology, your subjects are the brainwashed femnies.

You raise the inherent contradictions and falsehoods of the femnie ideology. This stimulates doubt.

Your aim is to help the femnie recognise the false beliefs and the fantasies that have been put into the femnies head by other believers and indoctrinators.

Your aim is to help them see the truth. Don’t think of them as an enemy to be defeated, but as a victim to be helped.

Femnies may have evidence to support their beliefs or trust in some authority & have no interest in evidence for themselves, they may have false evidence, they may have partial evidence, they may live in an echo chamber where they hear no contrary statements or they may be sheep who just go with the crowd.

Persons who do not base their beliefs on facts are not dissuaded by facts, but those who do have facts need to face someone who has better facts or has the ability to show-up the errors. This requires preparation and a clear head. If they present a study you are not familiar with, tell them, “Thank you for that source, it is new to me, I need time to study it.”

The likely reaction to any statement that makes a femnie lose faith in the ideology is anger. When made to doubt, often the person will become strident in claiming belief. But, if a true believer loses belief it is often a traumatic process that leads to hating the old belief.

Strategy: The 12 rules