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In a recent on-line debate with a feminist, the moderator had salivated over the long introduction listing the academic and professional successes of the feminist and then introduced his other guest with 5 words “Sargon has a Youtube channel.”

Perhaps he did not know that an average Sargon video is watched by 200,000 persons and that The Guardian sells 164,000 print copies of its newspaper.

According to Sargon’s own survey his audience is 95% male. 73% not religious or atheist

55% lefty libertarians,  35% right libertarians, 4 % left authoritarian & 7% right authoritarian

Ages 13-17 5%    18-24 32%    25-34 42%    35-44 12%    45-54 5%  55-64 2%  65+ 2%

72 million views, 5.5 million a month, 320,000 subs

Here are some more comparisons of subscribers

The Times 404,155

Sargon of Akkad   320,000 (up 12,000 in 16 days)

Financial Times   198,237

The Guardian   164,163

City A.M.     97,259

The Spectator 63,906*

The Independent   55,193


TV audience for specific programs (generally the 30th most popular)

UK Channel 4 “The Simpsons” 800,00

Sargon of Akkad “Social Justice Losers” 395,244


Entire TV channels

UK Sky 1+1 has 275,000 viewers with an average of 2 minutes = 550,000 mins

Sargon “This week in Stupid” 220,000 viewers for up to 20 minutes = 4.4 Million mins




A Sargon video is seen by around 200,000 persons which is a similar reach as a print article in the FT, and more than the reach of a print article in The Guardian.

As the figure for the entire Guardian print edition is less than a Sargon video, it is probable that he has more reach and therefore more influence than any journalist at the Guardian.





British Newspaper Circulation


*Spectator’s own figure 

Sargon Video subscriber survey