Feminism & Terrorism: Similarities by Corey Savage

First, the similarities:

  • hateful ideologies with an enemy to be destroyed.
  • paint themselves as victims of oppression simply resisting the oppressor.
  • seek to advance the power of their own group at the expense of all others.
  • seek public attention through their attacks and other outlandish displays.
  • made up of members who are angry, bitter, delusional, and unhappy with their lives.
  • need a scapegoat to blame for their personal problems and failures.
  • engage in terror tactics to advance their political agendas.
  • want their victims to cower in fear and paranoia.
  • seek reaction to stoke the flames of war between the two groups.


As you can see, feminism is no different from many different types of terrorist organizations around the world—except in one special way: their modus operandi.

You must understand that the feminist terror tactics we face today are not the same as the standard terror tactics that we are familiar with. Feminist terrorism contrasts itself through its feminine nature compared to the conventional, masculine form of terrorism.

To understand, think about differences between male aggression and female aggression.

When men decide to be aggressive, they are explicit in their expression. They will threaten you with direct violence and act on it if necessary.

Females, on the other hand, express their aggression in a different way. Women too will use threats and resort to physical violence just as much as men (if not more), but only if they know they could get away with it.

But that’s not the end of it. Women usually don’t like to engage in violence themselves, for their choice of weapon is the indirect, social aggression.

Women prefer to spread rumours, manipulate others, and get other men to do their dirty work for them. Unlike the direct, physical violence that the average men engage in, they are much more Machiavellian with their attacks.

Part 3 How feminism uses force



Re-published and abridged with permission of the author Corey Savage 
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Originally published March 2016 http://www.theprimalmale.com/what-is-feminism/