Strategy: hierarchy

Groups should form, act and dissolve as and when energy and resources are available. Look around you, who can you form a group with and what specific task or target should it act against?

There is no boss. By all means ask others for an opinion on what you plan to do, but don’t expect orders or seek formal permission.

Create resources. Link to others, go to comment sections and place links to your resources. Create a complex web of links so that anyone who stumbles on one can find others.

Create web pages with repeated lists of aims in multiple locations. Create pages suggesting actions. Seek forums for discussion.

When you have the energy, do things, when you tire, retreat. This is a long struggle to increase freedom of action and freedom of speech. It will take a long time, it may even be eternal.

I am pleased to greet you, to work in parallel with you, to witness & applaud what you achieve.

Good luck.

Strategy: Unmaking a femnie