Strategy: Unmaking a femnie one-on-one

Unmaking a femnie one on one

Unmaking a femnie on a one to one interaction is like getting someone off drugs or out of a cult.

Professionals who try to get drug users off drugs or to reform criminals wrote a guide called Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick, 2002) in which they suggest:

  • Develop non-adversarial relationships
  • Help subject to think differently and understand what could be gained through change
  • Talk to subject in their terms and don’t force a change
  • Express empathy


Femnie who has heard that anti-femnies are evil, but hasn’t met one – If we act nasty that will confirm the ideology and push the femnie deeper down the hole.

Be nice, friendly while explaining that the ideology is a lie.

Always attack the ideology as perverted, but decide how nice to be to the person.

Strategy: Unmaking a femnie in the audience