Strategy: 1


There are powerful forces which have grown over the last 50 years called social justice or political correctness or feminism.  The belief is of a world where no one ever says anything that upsets anyone, and to make that world happen they will destroy your life for a slip of the tongue.

The followers believe that they can force people to be nice to each other by terrifying them. That solution is far worse than the problem.

 We need to increase individual freedom especially freedom of speech, to increase tolerance of differences of opinion, and to base policy on facts, not on fictions or feelings.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be part of the push back and to then help to clean up the mess than has been made by an overdose of feminism.

The femnies are so dedicated to their authoritarian dystopia that some of them are a danger to anyone who opposes them.

Being a public face is only for the brave. The brave deserve to be supported by others who do much without being acknowledged, and for that they too must be thanked.

If you are able to be a public face, I salute you, but prepare yourself for the onslaught.

You can be an activist without being a public face. Don’t use your social media and create an online ID that isn’t immediately recognised.

When confronted by these forces, which can intimidate any individual, it is necessary to avoid having key individuals.

A key individual is anyone who, if removed, would cause extensive damage to the freedom movement.

Important individuals should be one of many, none of whom is a key individual.

Multiple important public faces, should be supported by multiple unknowns who can continue the work even if the public face is temporarily in retreat.

Which do you want to be? Think about this.


Strategy: Create Resources & Promote