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Petitions-TheBorg-StrikesBackI have been reading the comments on a feminist blog article written by someone who calls Sargon a right wing men’s rights advocate. Anyone who subscribes to his channel should be chuckling as he has made plain many times that he is a lefty and not an MRA.

The author went on to note that Sargon had issued an explanatory video, but instead of linking straight to it, the first links were to several clips, one from a movie of a mad character ranting about women, two short anti-communist cold war era videos and one of McCarthy (he of the anti-communist witch hunts) and the following description of Sargon’s video:  “I sampled the first 2 seconds, and that was about all I could bring myself to watch.”

So, obviously a jokey but difficult crowd to win over and giving the same kind of treatment that we would give to a video from Anita (comments on which are not allowed on that feminist site).

Many of the serious comments on the site seem well informed, well reasoned and have links to studies or descriptions of studies to support their view. Those were the off-topic comments about sexism and racism in response to what trolls posted.

The comments about Sargon and the petition however tended to be insults, and of a surprising kind. What feminists think we are is really worth considering. Please pick your favorite and comment it below.

Some of the insults and general comments directly about Sargon may be from persons who haven’t been able to stomach much of his video output and so they may actually be unaware of his political stance.

Anyone who follows him knows he is a lefty, he is NOT a men’s right activist, he isn’t implying a Jewish Conspiracy, and his petition isn’t calling for people to be fired or be censored. (Although, if universities were to take the petition seriously someone could get fired. Telling educators to stop indoctrination isn’t what I think of as censorship.)

So, The Borg have as much contempt for our views as we have for theirs as can be seen in the following reader comments from the publication whose comment policy stipulates One thing to remember right off the bat: this is a feminist blog, designed (mostly) for a feminist audience:

Ah, MRAs support freedom of speech by curtailing the freedom of speech of others. Why am I not surprised.

I too wonder how they’re defining social justice courses. I took a European history class in college and we covered the witch trials.

Is it too anti-white and anti-Christian to talk about that injustice?

The profound pretentiousness of many MRAs never ceases to amuse me — “Sargon of Akkad” indeed.

Like, this is just… such poor reasoning.

Verging on not even wrong.

I can’t even start to address this because my internal monologue just keeps laughing.

What’s the point of this petition?

All I see is a gob of run-of-the-mill arglebargle assertions about the big bad ess jay dubyas that targets no one in particular, explains nothing, and proposes no specific action.

Literally nothing can result from this except to say “lookit how many other shitwits agree with me that social justice sucks rawrrwargh!”

People like Sargon are the cancer that Youtube and a good deal of the rest of the internet suffers from.


Ugh, I loathe him more than most. You can listen to Thunderf00t or Angry Atheist or whatnot and you can tell they’re douchebags, but Sargon has a pleasant voice – it’s a travesty that he uses it to propagate that sort of filth.

He does actually propose an action. “Fire every teacher I don’t personally agree with because they want to censor my freeze peaches!”

It’s not a rational action, and it certainly does ring of absolute hypocrisy…

They always think that if democracy is revoked, it’s those icky *others* that will be kept down, and they’ll be sitting in the catbird seat.

I suspect Mr Benjamin has never set foot in an actual university.

Perhaps he’d be happier at one of those Fundamentalist Christian Pseudo-Accredited Universities that they have in the US.

He’ll find no scary liberal ideas to challenge his world view, there.

A dumbass proposal by a paid anti feminist shill.

If Carl wants to start a crusade against scientifically illiterate and bigoted ideologues he should take aim against himself.

Having watched a sampler of his work, Sargon never does his homework or looks up anything before turning on the microphone – He just spouts off whatever bigoted, misinformed thing he believes is true and presents this as an objective fact.

I worry for all the idiots getting their news from his channel – they think they’re getting the hot uncensored truth, but he’s just a right-wing spin jockey.

Does not the petition violate TOS?

Is it reportable?

Don’t forget that the entire Gamergate manifesto was about eight paragraphs of total bollocks that looked like someone had run it through a thesaurus and replaced every word with the longest synonym he could find.

A veil of cleverness is all it takes to fool these people.

Sargon is arguably way more postmodern and deconstructionist than radical feminists and critical race theorists.

He bases his arguments on anecdotes and speculation rather than empirical evidence and he’s more concerned with the particularities of language people use than their actual substance.

GamerGate itself is pretty postmodernist (e.g., Anita Sarkeesian is wrong because I’ve found a way to interpret her language that makes her sound silly).

It tries to be critical race theory for white gamers with cargo cult deference to 19th century liberalism and Enlightenment rationalism.

The LessWrong people are the actual ridiculous uber-rationalists.

I know the main reason these people have a following in the US and places outside of Britain is because an English accent is assumed smart and trustworthy.

I think they all have the most annoying tones.

I honestly cant watch the vídeos and if I want to address a point they’re making I need to read an inscription of it instead of listening, cause I get SO intensely annoyed I cant think or talk properly.

Its like when babies cry, except I don’t usually feel like throwing stuff at baby faces.

…he’s not familiar with the type of research writing you do in upper division courses.

He can use other sources to illustrate his points, but he doesn’t know how to use sources critically.

He’d get an F if he turned in one of his video scripts as a term paper.

The stream-of-consciousness ramble seems to be a favored style among these douchebags.

Bathtub Man and dunderf00l follow the same pattern.

In fact, some of them deride people who actually edit their videos in a professional manner.

At this point the only one [atheist]  I want to follow is Steve Shives, he seems to be nice enough and hasn’t fallen to being pretty much a right wing conservative minus the televangelism.

Another day, another rant from some MRA with a pretentious name, a couple of polysyllabic words, and a vague doomsday argument.

Specifics? He’s never heard of the word.

Proof? You’ve gotta be kidding.

Clarity? Ha, ha, ha!

On the other hand . . .

Cliches? He’s got a lot of them–and plenty more where they came from.

I have to say, as a holder of an MA in Women’s Studies (MISANDRY!) I never felt indoctrinated by my professors.

In fact the one teacher we had who was a rabid Rad Fem the University were a bit embarrassed about and while she had tenure and couldn’t be fired they moved her into a position where she could do least damage.

Oh, shame. He was just being vague to the point of meaninglessness.

McCarthyism should have died out with the ‘Cold War’.
The Alt Right version now, Cultural Marxism is simply a rehash of what the Nazis called ‘Jewish Bolshevism’.

It acts on the basis that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a genuine manifesto and not an elaborate hoax designed to garner public support for the extradition and murder of Jews.

Alex Jones … David Icke …  Stormfronters, Tea Baggers, Trump fans and MGTOWS…

Glenn Beck 

Boy, I am getting sick of antifeminists whose arguments consist of ad hominem distortions and proud denouncements of any research that contradicts them invoking “science” and “rationality.”

Seriously, the shadowy overlords of every darned conspiracy theory seem to be either the Jews, a code word for Jews, or a mutation of an older code word for Jews.

It’s no wonder they keep resembling something out of Mein Kampf, because they all drink from the same fountain.

Sargon is the biggest windbag I have ever encountered. The majority of the time he is either lying or just really lazy at research.

This twit and all the other freeze peach crusaders are so amazingly clueless of their hypocrisy, it’s unreal.

I’m willing to bet actual money on the fact that a good chunk of those signatures are from a few angry individuals and their multiple sockpuppets.

This, coming from a guy who has an abysmal understanding of history and politics as well as indulging in Islamophobia and frequently uses talking points straight from white supremacists.

Jesus fucking Christ – he really lacks any semblance of self-awareness…

People tend to defend their beliefs when threatened, and a progressive defending their beliefs is regarded as a “cult” by those who come in and try to attack progressive culture and ideals.

Sargon not liking what “SJWs” have to say is all well and good, and honestly, we don’t care, but him asking for the monolith of UNIVERSITIES (which I can only assume means every UNIVERSITY in every city, country, and continent) to fire all the people he doesn’t agree with is asking for censorship.

If you’re disagreeing with people who are educated on the topic, maybe the one who lacks factual information is you.

Calling college course material brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, etc. is nothing more than pure projection.

What the hell is your objection to students being taught to think more critically about race and not just declare that they “are colorblind”, “don’t see color”, and so couldn’t possibly be racist?

What I think they really mean is “I’m mad that they’re not being fed my preferred propaganda and are now less likely to believe my bullshit.”


Petitions-TheBorg-StrikesBackAs stated above some of the comments were well reasoned & intelligent, they just weren’t about Sargon or the petition. Those comments were about sexism and racism which seemed polite, informed and quoted sources, some of the other comments were about Prince (The artist previously known as alive)  and quite a few were about My Little Pony.

The impression I had was that these three were introduced as a symbol of how unimportant they view Sargon’s petition.

To summarise & amalgamate the quoted comments and some others:

The Borg regard us as being like Young Earth Creationists denying science. They call us a cult. They call us right wingers on a witch hunt based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

They regard Sargon as an Alt-Right windbag who does no research, says filth off the top of his head based on Mein Kampf and has no self awareness, but is followed because of the British accent.

They regard the petition as a pointless, possibly rule breaking, attack on academic freedom being made by a small number of angry douche-bag shitwits.

Do you recognise yourself in that description?