Strategy: Unmaking a femnie

Feminists & social justice warriors are referred to here as femnies.

Femni ideology is a house of cards.

Femnies protect it by shouting, blowing air-horns and banging pots. They deny access to speeches, try to censor on-line messages, have people fired or arrested claiming hate speech or harassment.

A femnie is  part of a self righteous club with a high self regard.

Femnies fear slipping-up in word or deed that will lead to the mob turning on them. This is a weakness.

Femnies think that they are good because they are femnies. Being for social justice makes them feel that they are admirable humans. They must be shown that they are not.

Femnies think that anyone who questions feminism or social justice must be evil, therefore the mere act of being nice threatens their belief.

Femnies have been told that you are a misogynist, racist bigot etc. Any action on your part that seems evil to them will confirm their bias & decrease your influence.

Femnies DO NOT have the moral high ground, they just claim to have it.

Strategy: Unmaking a femnie one-on-one