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See animated promotional video for the book

Prof Janice Fiamengo gave me the following call for submissions for a planned book to be edited by her. This is your chance to say how feminism has affected you.

I am seeking to publish a book with the provisional title *Sons of Feminism* (2017) about the experience of men growing up and finding their way in a post-feminist world.

My main audience for the book is ordinary men and women (especially women) who think feminism is about equality and justice for women. I want them to have a glimpse of what it is like to be on the other side of that so-called quest for justice.

Experiences of public school, post-secondary education, the work-force (affirmative action, sexual harassment legislation, etc.), the post-feminist family, dating, sexuality, marriage, divorce, and identity are all welcome.

Please message me [on Facebook] or contact me via email (fiamengo@uottawa.ca).

I invite personal narratives of approximately 3000-5000 words in response to the questions, ‘How has feminism affected you? How has it impacted your life?’

Anonymity if requested.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested in contributing.
Deadline: August 31, 2016

See animated promotional video for the book

Promotional Video for the book

The Feminism:What is it? group contains a large number of Youtube content creators. Our current project is to create a number of short videos about the book to encourage men to contact Prof Fiamengo to tell their stories about how feminism affects their lives.

Each short can be between 15 seconds and 60 seconds & should contain your usual logo and name of your Youtube channel. The message of the video, in images, words or song should be aimed at encouraging men to tell their story, or a statement of how feminism has affected you or be indicative of feminism or its effects. Your style and artistic approach should be yours.

You would licence Prof Fiamengo and each other to make use of your video in promoting this cause. The idea being that each participant would upload a compilation of all the clips as a promotional video for the cause.

If sufficiently novel and interesting, the hope is that it could get wide exposure. The side effect of such exposure would obviously be to promote each participants own channel.

The first video clip is the animated book cover