Once upon a time there was patriarchy, but students inspired by Marxist theories created a mixture of ideology, religion and politics called Feminism, and within 50 years patriarchy had transitioned after painful surgery into the Matriarchy which now rules the Western World.

University faculty are almost entirely true believers, with gender studies courses for all, and consent classes for toxic males; the ideology is taught as fact even in schools. The mass media are almost all either fully feminist or they have a feminist section.

Divorce law is under rule by the matriarchy, where children were (under patriarchy) under the guidance and control of their fathers, feminism has ensured that mothers are routinely given custody and fathers often seen as a danger.

Domestic violence, which is more often caused by males, has under the feminist ‘Duluth model’ been transformed into a solely male crime, in which when a male is the victim the system blames the victim because ‘he was asking for it’.

The murder of women by their intimate male partners, although not a very common crime, is treated as more important than any other kind of murder. Matriarchy raises any crime against women when done by a man, above more common or more serious crimes, and ignores the same crime when done by a woman especially against a man.

Feminism also tends to ignore science and to distort or avoid facts. Over the period of incredible success of this ideology, experiments and studies (usually opposed by feminists) have shown a wide range of behaviours and characteristics of humans which are genetically directed. Feminism denies the science, tends to suppress its discussion and tries to suppress or silence its proponents.

The opposition to genetic origins of sex differences is reminiscent of the Marxist Soviet Union’s rejection of the related field of Darwinian evolution. The Soviets fell years behind the West in biology because of their ideological abhorrence for the idea that humans are genetically predisposed to caring more about themselves, their children and families than the Collective and the Nation.

Feminists treat with similar abhorrence the evidence that sexual differences in behaviour between boys and girls could possibly be genetic in origin. Like the Soviets they dream of being able to train little Ivan & Olga to be perfect Utopians. The Soviets wanted them trained to be selfless worker bees in the great hive of communism; the feminists want them to be trained to to be girls+.

The feminist ideal for our two little children Ivan & Olga trained to be girls+ is that they are quiet, they sit and play at tea time with cuddly toys, and then they learn how to be mechanical engineers, and eventually Olga studies for her PhD in materials science and Ivan breast feeds the new baby (Ivan will have hormone therapy for this, but will still be 100% a man).

Sadly, some women are a bit shy, have no interest in mechanical things, and want to snuggle up to a strong man who makes them feel safe. These women have to be sent to re-education or given large doses of testosterone to combat the lingering effects of 5,000 years of patriarchal oppression which hangs in the air for millennia.

Now that men are banned from looking more than once, or for more than 2.3 seconds at any female, and have to step down off the kerb if there isn’t enough space to safely avoid sexual assault (passing without touching, but within 0.63 metres of a female is now sexual assault) there has been a totally unrelated fall in the number of women in heterosexual relationships.

The surveys of female happiness continues to decline as the matriarchy strengthens. It is almost as if feminism is a misogynistic movement, dedicated to destroy heterosexuality and the very concept of freedom.

I make no such claims and lay no such charges against the Holy of Holies: Feminism.

Feminism; to which we must all bow & repeat the dogma, ‘Patriarchy, rape culture, pay gap’ or risk social condemnation by howling crowds spitting “You are cis scum.”

I simply restate an old adage:

All good things come to an end.







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