Feminism: How this monster child was born of an insane philosophy


A physicist who has a video channel called King Crocoduck talking to the influential anti-feminist Youtuber Sargon of Akkad, in a video about the history of philosophy and how it brings us to the modern day social justice insanity.

It is 2 hours long, and somewhat tedious. The superficial summary is…

Few hundred years ago philosophy had

Rationalists – make stuff up by thinking logically

Empiricists – do that, but check with evidence

Kant – we see evidence through a lens and that distorts what is out there

Hegel – philosophy changes with time and reacts against what came before, and finally gets mixed. History is a conflict of ideas. Plus unreadable nonsense.

Marx – History is a conflict of production workers vs owners
& would be utopia if the workers owned everything

Existentialism – No fate or meaning, up to us, but they blamed suffering on capitalism

Weber – Capitalism only works by protestant work ethic & culture changes capitalism

Continental tradition – incomprehensible gibberish

Heidegger – more nonsense

Critical Theory – All the above muddled up to evaluate society & why Marxism didn’t work – because everyone did it wrong, but Marx was right

Neo Marxism – Capitalism is political and it damaged Marxism, and it tricks people into thinking it is good

1968 French University revolution brings…
Post Modernism – The above applied to sex and race & everything (not just capitalism) Lots more meaningless impenetrable language

Deconstruction – take what someone says and break it up to find whatever you want to find.

Having broken everything into bits, all the bits are of equal value, so something bad is just as good as something good.

Sociologists can’t see society objectively and they bias what they see therefore don’t even try to be objective.

“Dialectic of Sex” – Marx applied to men vs women

Black Power – Marx applied to blacks vs white

Kimberle Crenshaw intersectionality  The oppressor can’t see what is happening, but the oppressed can see it. So ask the oppressed why they are oppressed and believe. (Based on older idea that a worker can understand his own needs AND the bosses needs, but the boss can’t understand both)

That’s it.     Now we have to fix it.

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