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Welcome to the Post-modernist world (formed by the philosophy of post-modernism) that regards everything as meaningless gibberish, and then twists it into other gibberish. This world rejects general theories or test based explanations and replaces them with personal beliefs & feelings.

Professors & students in subjects where there are no right answers, where everything is just an opinion (such as debating the motivation of a character in a work of fiction) loved the idea of destroying the privilege of scientists with their facts and annoying insistence on testing to see if if an hypothesis actually matches, their so called, reality.

Reducing science to a mere opinion greatly pleased the inner children of the humanities departments who clearly prefer the age of just believe in Aristotle to that of testing like Galileo.

“It’s true for me,” is the chant of post-modernism.

Presenting facts or test results is to insult, and to oppress the person who has invented a personal fantasy world reality. If you present facts to a fantasy world person, expect an angry response.

“You are violently attacking me with your evil scientism,” is the intellectual reply, but “You are evil cis scum” is the reply on the street.

Having decided that the drivel in one person’s mind is just as true as the combined experimental, statistically significant, research of 100 trained persons, the stage was set for an explosion of utter madness that helped form modern feminism & social justice.

Truth is now whatever the interacting mob up-votes. There is no attempt to compare it to reality. Reality is whatever you want it to be. Testable reality is now scientism at its worst.

Each individual, each group of individuals, each community can have its own reality and no one’s reality is superior to anyone else’s.

Even worse – and here we dive deep into the shit – the enlightenment is seen as having had its reality on top for too long. It is time for the realities of stupid people to have their turn on top.

Modern feminism & social justice is just this:

Putting stupid on top.


Source: http://helensatheistblogs.blogspot.com.es/2016/02/why-i-no-longer-identify-as-feminist.html