The ideology & the cure

family-colored-shapes-469580_960_720The ideology behind social justice and feminism (which is also behind black power and black lives matter) is based on conjecture; that means that is is not based on evidence.

It grew from a mixture of anti-capitalist Marxism and the reality denying philosophy of postmodernism.

It ignores individuals and individual human rights, instead separating all humans into giant collectives; groups which the ideology then describes as in a grand conflict of oppression and subjugation.

Where real Marxism split the world into two supposedly waring collectives of owners and workers, the neo-Marxist (or cultural Marxist) ideology splits the world by race and by sex into supposedly warring factions.

On top of this invented and false war between giant collectives the ideology adds a veneer of emotionally attractive claims to a higher morality.

Having set two artificially divided groups, let us call them A & B against each other, the ideology recognises that A is currently better off as a group than B and so the ideology despises and belittles group A and heaps praise and love on group B.

If some very poor and weak members of group A are attacked by rich and powerful members of group B, there is no sympathy for the victims, because the ideology ignores the rights of individuals and only concerns itself with the collective. (Those victims are members of the hated well-off group, so even though they are individually poor and powerless they will be allowed to be attacked because of collective guilt.)

The ideology is not based on facts or evidence partly because it comes from the philosophy of postmodernism which takes this bizarre position:

We know that it is hard to observe and understand the details of reality, because everything is seen through our senses and so we cannot be sure that we are seeing things correctly – THEREFORE let’s not even try to observe and understand reality – INSTEAD let’s just make up stuff, and use force to get everyone else to accept what we say -BECAUSE if everyone repeats our fantasy claims then those fantasy claims will be reality.

Postmodernism creates narratives rather than evidence. They make up stories about how the world works and use repetition and force to get those stories accepted. The ideologues believe that if you can force everyone to believe that the Emperor is wearing a wonderful suit of clothes then he won’t be naked.

In order to enforce their narrative (their made up version of how the world works) they have to impose it. This requires silencing criticism.

The silencing of criticism requires the suppression of the mere statement ‘I disagree’ or even worse the act of presenting actual evidence on the topic.

How this silencing shows itself in 2016:

  • Restricting comments on ideological publications
  • Describing contrary views as ‘hate speech’
  • Denigrating & personally attacking critics
  • Reporting critics as ‘spammers’ or ‘trolls’
  • Reporting critics to the police as harassers
  • Banning critics from web services
  • Complaining to the critic’s employer
  • Libelling the critic
  • Publishing the critic’s home or work address “we know where you live”
  • In public meetings screaming, disrupting and insulting
  • In street demonstrations threatening or using violence
  • Threats of violence or sexual violence against the critic or family


These methods of insult, threat and violence against individual critics is a very effective means of intimidating those who wish to voice their critical opinion on the ideology and are based on the advice given by a left wing radical Saul Alinsky written in 1971 Rule 12 “Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.).”

These attempts would not be so effective if they were coming just from a small nasty band of ideologues, but they have grown into a large band and they have infiltrated many sources of influence and power such as the universities, much of the mass media, the justice system and government.

Therefore it is now not unusual that complaints by ideologues are acted upon by private companies in banning contrary opinion or firing employees who have criticised the ideology and these complaints are likely to be supported by the mass media and listened to with sympathy by the police and prosecutors.

This behaviour is akin to a theocracy handling blasphemy and is every bit as dangerous to a free society.

Living safely and feeling safe requires that any person can speak freely and know that they will neither be arrested for voicing an opinion nor attacked by a mob. Free speech and association are the essential foundations of everyone’s safe space: that area around you where you are safe to voice an opinion in the knowledge that others may disagree or argue with you, but they will not demand that you be fired from your employment or arrested for having an opinion that they dislike.

We need to heal society.

It may be a slow process healing society, but someone has to do it or we will all fall into a collective hell where everyone is spied upon by bigots searching for some slip in language or look or behaviour that they can denounce.

What social justice and feminist fanatics will produce is a society that is much like communist East Germany mixed with elements of theocratic Iran or Saudi Arabia. Perhaps even a mixture of The Inquisition, Salem Witch hunts and Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

How do we protect our safe space, our individual human rights, our ability to express our hopes and fears without being tormented by ideologues who police every word for imaginary collective crimes?


  • Some of us have to be brave enough to openly criticise the ideology


  • We all have to support those who are brave enough to openly criticise the ideology.


  • We have to congratulate and encourage those who are brave.


  • Support the journalists, Youtubers, bloggers, celebs, politicians or any other persons who publicly criticise the ideology. Email them, tweet to them and about them, put comments on their articles. Search them out, feed them information, help them do research.


  • We have to try to persuade journalists and other influencers who are currently on the fence to come over to the moral side and reject the collective clap-trap.

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