Strategy: Moral superiority or fire with fire?

The overall aim and method must have moral superiority such that any objective observer can see who are the good ones and who are the bad ones.

If dealing with potential allies, try not to pick a fight with them. Instead search for common ground and invite them to our group.

For the undecided this is not about being with us or against us, but rather, wouldn’t you prefer to be on the good side?

The extremists are probably beyond reach but they live among the undecided. The undecided can be won over.

If you are confronted with spittle dripping hatred from SJW-Femnies then ridicule and clear statements of their being fascists, brain-washed, racists, sexists who deny reality are probably better than being polite. Do not let the audience think for one moment that the SJW-femnie has the high moral ground.

Outsiders need to be told a convincing, morally, and emotionally attractive explanation from insiders and be given permission to criticise our opposition. (Outsiders often feel that they have no right to criticise, because it isn’t their problem or because they have the notion the criticism that comes from other outsiders is for malicious reasons.) The SJW-Femnie tries to invalidate all opinions and they try to separate people into groups who aren’t allowed to comment.

When appealing to a specific demographic the approach should be from persons of as similar a demographic as possible, or from persons who are likely to be viewed favorably.

Give outsiders permission to become involved. Invite them.

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