Feminism as a virus

Biological virus strategies bear a remarkable resemblance to methods of feminism propagation.

In the viral paradigm, the femni virus infects and takes over the critical thinking capacity of the individual with respect to his or her own beliefs, much as rabies affects specific parts of the central nervous system.

The femni virus infects an individual and then inoculates against other viruses. Vectors in biology carry a parasite, virus or pathogen from one reservoir to another. Femni vectors act in similar ways.

Professors, administrators, mass media, etc., carry the virus and infect new people.

The virus carefully directs resources toward it and creates taboos against giving to competing viruses. Sometimes vectors fail. The expense of developing a vector makes it imperative to protect it even in failure as in the case of false rape culture.

Mutations are constantly produced. Occasionally one breaks out, as in the case of hatred of whiteness, to infect vulnerable people and cultures.


Adapted from a book by Darrel Ray, The God Virus (2009, p. 32)