Unmaking – Example arguments

Unmaking a femnie in the audience & protecting the uninfected

woman-head-noface-65061__180I don’t try to argue with, or convince this femaroid, she is only useful as a sounding board, while I aim at the audience.

I respond to another commenter and I grab the opportunity to spread the ‘feminism is a hate group’ message. Once I called ‘femaroid’ out .. she is my putty .. my chalk board ..

Me: “Someone makes a legitimate criticism then the person is attacked for SJW and feminist propaganda. The people, like femaroid , who call men haters are the real bigots of the world.”

Femaroid posted a single troll comment to prove her previous point that every other commenter is a hateful male.

I respond and grab the opportunity to highlight to the other readers ..

“social engineering by authoritarian sociopaths”.

Me to femaroid: ha ha it’s great to see you expose your unfettered hate by repeating the quote .. shows your true colors and proves my point.

SJW’s and feminists are the intolerant sociopaths we know they are. And they want to socially engineer the community into their authoritarian image. People are fed up with their hateful rhetoric.”

Femaroid complained about rude words and insults, I responded:

“So what .. people swear all the time .. especially on a De-contextualized medium like social media. I don’t ignore all the common sense arguments, just because a few people let off steam with swear words that are common to some groups. I don’t use them myself…

To generalize about men hating, as a response, indicates the bubble of feminism that constrains your view .. a hateful bubble” 

I made sure to accuse the moderate femtard of being an

“enabler of the feminist hate group”

Me: “+femaroid .. I think you are the one who has become ‘unhinged’ .. always trying to push an argument by making lame accusations about others opinions. So far everyone who disagrees with you is:

– misogynistic man copying and pasting his hate.

– 4chan troll

– simply driven by insecurity

Just further hate from you.

There is no need for rebuttals when your own argument is based on ridicule of others .. an enabler of the feminist hate group.”
Note: This is aimed at the audience not at the committed femnie. The aim is to engender disdain for the toxic hate group called feminism. – +Silversurfer Galactus