Feminism: Success at destruction by Corey Savage


In the course of just few decades, feminists have:

  • Destroyed marriage by introducing no-fault divorce, leading to untold amount of suffering for men and fatherless children. (The destruction of the sanctity of marriage has also led to plummeting birth-rates, changing the entire demographic landscape of nations).
  • Gotten the government’s hands to overpower men in their own homes by allowing women to falsely jail their husbands with a mere accusation.
  • Created a climate of fear for men who engage in any sort of interaction with women at school, work, or even out in the streets for the fear of bogus harassment claims. One man recently went through a personal hell when he faced rape charges just for walking past a woman.
  • Created a culture of rape hysteria where women can have men expelled from school or jailed without any proof or due-process.
  • Destroyed sex relations by instigating gender antagonism where men and women see each other as competitors and enemies.
  • Created a culture where women from young age are trained to hate and exploit men, only to pull the victim card whenever they find themselves in a disadvantage.
  • Created a culture that sees anything masculine as something toxic to be fixed or be ridden of.
  • Effectively pushed men down and turned them into second-rate citizens while “empowering” women just for being women.
  • Created a ‘husband-state‘ system where the government showers them with privileges with the money extracted from men. Yet they’re still whining for more.
  • Turned vast hordes of men into supplicating white knights and male-feminists whom they treat like their guard dogs, only to cheat on them and back-stab them later on.
  • Implemented a PC culture of censorship based on the fickle whims of women’s feelings. Men must now watch what they say, how they act, what opinions they hold, what shirt they wear, and even how they sit or use the toilet.
  • Now, everything about men’s existence must conform to what women want and what women feel is acceptable.


With all that said, I think we can safely declare the degradation of Western societies by the feminists as the most successful terrorist campaign in history.



Re-published and abridged with permission of the author Corey Savage 
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Originally published March 2016 http://www.theprimalmale.com/what-is-feminism/