Hardline fire with fire

– Hard line calling out feminism as a hate group works with the masses of disenfranchised humans joining the movement / revolution .. appeasement does not, and has not in the past.

– The Marxist, dishonorable Leftist tactics aka ‘Rules for Radicals’ have been very effectively used by the radicals for decades. The ‘long march through the institutions’ has been driven by this type of attack. Conservatives / anti-fems are starting to adopt some of these tactics, instead of pandering, and turn it back on the femaroids. .. and on that note ..

– We can and are doing it better, by combining ridicule with reason, facts, history, and TRUTH .. but also mob disdain. I say the last (mob disdain) because we have all experienced how toxic ‘group think’ is – people have been slaughtered by group think in history .. so we don’t like it.

I say .. continue to exploit it .. understand it .. bend it .. group think is the ‘Beast’ we must tame.

When I review the video content and counter-fem articles I see that the revolution is growing because smart people are using these tactics on social media. We are doing well .. good on you all.

I recommend ongoing dialogue about turning the Left’s tactics on itself.

Silversurfer Galactus