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international symbol of feminist confusion

Feminism uses many obscure buzzwords which are defined as follows: 

The Pay Gap

The shocking fact that persons with useful qualifications are paid more than persons with degrees in gender studies.

Livid Experience

Although,  or perhaps because, anecdotal evidence is regarded as the lowest form of evidence in science, it has been raised to the height of feminist discourse. The more emotional the memory is, or can be enhanced to be, the more weight it has in a discourse. The ultimate version of this is called Livid Experience

Rape Culture

This is what feminists and social justice warriors do.

The Borg

The social justice classes textbook description of 3rd wave feminism. (Later used in a parody of feminism for the TV series Star Trek – The Next Gendered Nation).

The Hive Mind 

Marxist popular theory is that we learn everything, which although untrue, forms the basis of social justice/feminist conjecture and so members of The Borg are taught to chant the same words and sayings whenever threatened by violence such as being asked for evidence. This brain washing is to produce a unified thought system called The Hive Mind.

Hate Moss

Named after a British fashion icon, this refers to unkempt armpit hair displayed as a sign of feminist contempt for British fashion icons.

Toxic Mascara

The hive mind of the Borg is not sufficient for the full feminist, it is an increasing requirement to have unnatural hair color, special coded eyebrows, femni glasses, and under arm Hate Moss. The entire ensemble is called Toxic Mascara.

Cissy Whale Male

Obese shy male feminists.

Intersectional Feminism

Refers to those feminists who try to eke out their pitiful waitress salaries, by hanging around on road intersections thereby performing intersectional feminism.