Feminism is putrid postmodernism in 100 words or less

universe-&-man-1044107_960_720The advancement of society and science is based on this simple idea called Enlightenment:  

We see stuff, and with effort, intelligence and rational thought we can find out what the rules are of how things work, and finding these things out is better than not knowing.

But our feminists & social justice warriors reject that and instead follow something called Postmodernism:

We make up stories about stuff, but there is no such thing as reality to check them against.

Therefore everything is a social construct, there are no facts.

What stories we make up depend on our position in society.

The emotions of the down-trodden are more truthful than the reasoned argument of an elite.
Or in other words feminism and social justice are based on hopeless, useless bullshit.

(It took me 45 minutes of listening to a lecture to find this out.)

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