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Due to the low natality among feminists (lesbianism, man hating & hairy legs being the three top causes) the Canadian Government of current year fame is spending in the region of $40 million a year on breeding future generations of feminists.

This is not taking place in the genetics lab (feminists abhor the science of genetics with its wild claims over boys being boys). The chosen locations for the breeding programs are the extensive Gender Studies Labs of the Canadian University system.

According to a published estimate there are in the region of 143 tenured (or on the way to be tenured) instructors involved in the program. They alone cost in the region of $20 million in salaries and costs.

In addition there are an estimated 528 assistants or part time faculty costing an extra $12 million a year. With property and administration bringing the total up to about $37 million.

So how does this approximately $40 million a year feminist breeding program actually breed feminists?

Technically it has great similarity to the system used in viniculture where a cutting of a fresh shoot is taken from the wine producing grape vine and this small sample or germ is grafted on to a root stock of a grape vine that reproduces easily, but which is not, of itself, capable of producing wine grapes.

The root stock serves one purpose only, to be a vigorous and fast breeding supporter of the wine producing grape graft.

The root stock of the feminist breeding program are undergraduates, those normal girls ( and some boys) innocently entering the Gender Studies Labs who are then subjected to having grafted into them the whine producing feminist germ.

The process of creating ever more feminists is administered by the 671 faculty & support staff within the diabolic labs over a period of years until the innocent root stock girls & boys are converted into whine producing fully formed feminist sour grapes.

If feminist control doesn’t end; the institutions will,” says Prof Fiamengo, “Gender Studies needs to die.


Based with a tad of satire on:

“Cost of Gender Studies -TFF Episode 34 Studio Brule – Fiamengo Files


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