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FeminismQuestionMarkA tweet from  Christina Hoff Sommers about the faculty of University of Massachusetts leads to some of the wonderfully educational courses taught in Gender Studies. All of the following courses written in italics are actual lessons from the UoM website.

The semester begins with the biggest challenge for any feminist, trying to cope with Objects and Everyday Life.

A reminder of the fantasy world in which our university exists as a social construct we move speedily into Conversations with the Ghost of Marx

Having gorged ourselves on Marxism perhaps we are still a little peckish so let’s join the ever popular Gender and Food which offers snacks between pizza.

Suitably refuelled we can tackle the more challenging intellectual task of Social Construction of Whiteness and Women. Noting that ‘women’ are socially constructed and that the same can be said of light as perceived by the human eye, we are now sufficiently floating free of the patriarchal pull of reality to tackle Queer Transnational Feminist Cultural Studies which is beyond parody or understanding.

One of my favorite architectural styles has always beeen Colonial, and so I wait impatiently to learn how this has spawned Postcolonial Feminist Science Studies and my pulse quickens and I feel just a touch moist at Sexuality and Postcolonial Theory.

Due to this excitement it is clearly time for Feminsit Theory  Which may be a typo, but I think it is an entire class on how a femnie should sit (See Sarkesian video on how game characters sit) with special emphasis on not doing anything like manspreading.

As descendants of Africans we must of course give due thought to African Diaspora Feminist Poetics because where would we be without poetics ? And for those who fear there may not be enough African Diaspora Feminists to create our deeply craved poetics we can instantly socially construct as many as we want after a class in Theorizing Black Feminisms.

Introduction to Biology of Difference is intriguing because it sounds as if it could be a proper course of study, but what hope is there that it could actually make sense when it is followed by Unthinking the Transnational. 

Finally for all those who deny Sargon’s Petition claim that Universities teach it, we conclude with a class in Social Justice.

So you now have your cherished diploma as a fully baked Femnie, unemployable in any productive industry, you have the choice between expanding the feminist bureaucracy or getting a grant to do feminist Science (pronounced ‘sigh-angst’).

Choosing Science here are examples of actual peer reviewed cutting edge work:

How neo-liberal norms (e.g. personal responsibility) affect conversation about unwanted sex.

The Hobosexual (queer homeless) having sex to combat capitalism.

Political ecology of the body… how eating healthy… is a matter of.. emerging differentiality from a rhizome of structural and haphazard forces.

The penis is also a signifier of racialized discursive meanings in the life world 

Congratulations!  You have now published in a peer review journal, you never need touch reality again. You must, however, familiarise yourself with one last technical term for these kinds of peer reviewed paper which is: