How feminism uses force by Corey Savage

If you observe carefully, feminism operates in the same fashion as the individual female aggression:


spreading rumours (“The Patriarchy,” “rape culture,” false accusations, etc.),

manipulating others (painting themselves as victims for privileges while manipulating the legal system to their favour),

using men to do their dirty work (the government and white knights as their muscle in their war against men).

And if they can get away with it, they will not hesitate to inflict

physical violence on men (as we have seen with the countless examples of women who have gotten away with things men would be punished for):


Every time a man gets away from a rape accusation, feminists screech and squeal about rape culture, but you’ll never hear a peep from them if you mention a woman getting away with violence against men

In fact, they’ll just think it’s funny and laugh.


Part 4 Feminism:Success at destruction


Re-published and abridged with permission of the author Corey Savage 
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Originally published March 2016