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kitten-in-arms-thinkstockphotos-106397271-335lc070915jpgPrepare to be amazed as we examine the huge changes from the era of Suffragettes to 3rd wave feminism.

First, modern feminism…

..uniformly professes to aim at the placing of the sexes on a footing of social and political equality.

But dig into modern feminism and…

A very little inquiry into its concrete demands suffices to show that its aim, so far from being equality, is the very reverse – viz. to bring about, with the aid of men themselves, as embodied in the forces of the State, a female ascendancy and a consolidation and extension of already existing female privileges.

You may have noticed the writing style seems a bit dated…

These demands, as formulated by suffragists as a reason why the vote is essential to the interests of women, amount to little if anything else than proposals for laws to enslave and browbeat men and to admit women to virtual if not actual immunity for all offences committed against men.

Out of date because this was all written in 1913 and goes on to say…

Such proposals invariably suggest the sacrificing of man at every turn to woman.

Written by E. Belfort Bax, The Fraud of Feminism describing the feminist movement of the time in 1913.

So, back in 1913, at least one writer saw the feminist (Suffragette) movement as claiming to be about equality, but actually about female supremacy and wanting to change the law so that women could get away with crimes against men.

Prescient and startling to read words written 100 years ago that resonate as worthy of a Sargon of Akkad video. Who would have guessed that someone in the era of the eulogised suffragettes could have written a description of feminism that fits 3rd wave femnies?

So what else can we learn by reading old stuff?

Well, there is also a novel written 134 years ago, The Revolt of Man,  which lays out the wishes of many in the extreme of the 3rd wave feminist movement. The novel is set in a future England where…

“Women gradually take over the traditional men’s occupations and privileges, having become judges, doctors, lawyers, businesswomen and artists, whereas effeminate men are allowed to live and perform simple work in complete passivity, submission and obedience to the triumphant females.” 

Sounds like what feminists are aiming for? One reviewer on Amazon seemed to think so, describing it as “Very good dystopian feminist novel”


If these sources are reliable then the underlying aims and analysis of feminism really hasn’t changed in the last 100 years.

I am truthfully dumbfounded. If you feel the same please share and dumbfound everyone.



(The links below are to the entire work The Fraud of Feminism, a detailed review of the novel The Revolt of Man which is still available in e-book on the link)



VictorianWeb.org review of The Revolt of Man a novel written in 1882 by the successful novelist Sir Walter Besant. The plot goes on to describe how men revolt against the matriarchy.  

Described by Gerardo Cando [2] as a “Very good dystopian feminist novel,” on http://www.amazon.com/The-Revolt-Man-Dodo-Press/dp/1409900428


 The Fraud of Feminism by E. Belfort Bax, can be read on https://www.marxists.org/archive/bax/1913/fraud/chap8.htm


With thanks to source Mike Buchanan’s blog  https://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com


Gary Orsum has a video about Mr Bax and his views on feminism