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kitten-in-arms-thinkstockphotos-106397271-335lc070915jpgIn a Canadian report in 2015 it was claimed that 30% of women were sexually harassed at work in the previous two years, implying 15% (roughly 1 in 7) harassed in any year.

If true, and if a woman worked for say 30 years in total that would mean she would have a 99%* chance of being sexually harassed at some time in her working career – virtually a certainty.

How awful; but what is sexual harassment according to that report?

Eighty six percent of the respondents said that the harassment was purely verbal and that this harassment included jokes, suggestive comments or compliments.

So other than the obviously serious problems like having to bend over backwards to please your boss, modern day feminist harassment includes lewd jokes or mentioning sexual activity in what is called charged talk.

The other terrible action is if a co-worker suggests being interested in you and mentions this more than once.

“I really like you, how about we hang out?”  – That is sexual harassment according to feminism.

Of those who were harassed in one of these ways, 80% said they didn’t report it.

The feminist response, is of course, how awful it is that 80% of women are so oppressed by patriarchy that they don’t dare report this outrageous harassment.

The definitions used by these feminist surveys tend to be adopted into workplace rules by female dominated human resource departments and so a man (usually a man) can be fired  without ever knowing what it was that he supposedly did or to whom he did it.


We need to undo the damage that feminism has caused




Based on The Fiamengo Files The Myth of Sexual Harassment episode 17


*Probability calculation: If 15% chance in 1 year that means 85% chance of not happening in one year. Calculate probability of not happening in 30 years we multiple 0.85 (85%) by itself 30 times = 0.85^30 which equals .00763 being the chance of never being harassed. So chance in 30 years of being harassed is 1-.00763 = .99237 which is roughly 1 which means virtually certain to happen.