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Feminism is one of the great successes of the last half century.

What started as a re-working of Marxism, attached to a previous unconnected women’s suffrage movement, grew into a powerful source of jobs for the girls and influence over legal systems, education, the media and government.

In the 2016 American selection process of candidates for President, feminism is in the weft of the fabric of political life. Candidate Bernie Sanders gave way to BLM protesters who demanded to speak, and is reluctant to attack his direct opponent, Hilary Clinton, because she is a woman. She in turn has supporters who say that a vote for Bernie is a sign of misogyny. The other main candidate, Donald Trump, is accused of hating women, but declares a dislike for political correctness and refuses to apologise, and in so doing is declared a monster.

Feminism has a few grains of reality within the sand on which it is built, but more than this it gives power and jobs to many of its jihadists.

Feminism has a deluded version of the world, what one on-line commenter called a straw-world argument in which almost nothing is related or measured against reality, but instead based on conjecture, abstract rhetoric and group blaming. (Men are the new Jews. No matter what the problem: It was the men what done it.)

To shy, not especially talented, women (and to a lesser extent men) feminism gives them rhetorical phrases to insult, belittle & even silence those who are confident and successful. Check your privilege is a phrase used to discredit those who are not female and not disadvantaged, as if, being more or less privileged had any bearing on a person’s opinion or value to society.

Feminism like some religions gives comfort to the shy and unsuccessful. Feminism does this by placing the blame on men for all that is bad in the life of a woman, and if not specific men or even men in general then the bad is blamed on the atheist version of Satan, now known by its preferred pronoun, Patriarchy.

Feminist ideology is a mix of false facts and emotional appeals. Many of its adherents have little or no ability to judge facts because they have trained in fields where everyone can have a viewpoint without any way to test which is right.

Extremists believing that they are doing a greater good often shut themselves off from other disagreeing and disagreeable comments. One only has to look at the feminist videos and articles that have no comment sections to get this impression, but even better is to read the comments that are permitted.  

Although, some of the comments are insulting because the writer summarises the feminist article as stupid or ignorant or deluded and some comments contain rude words, many offer rational responses pointing out apparent errors or ideological differences. 

These comments, many of which are polite and instructive are written-off by feminists as Haters always going to hate.



So, is it possible to ‘de-program’ a convinced feminist?

Based on advice given by an expert in terrorism any attempt to wean a feminist off feminism would require that:

The feminist already has inner doubts

Close friends or trusted persons are willing to persuade the feminist

The feminist must be offered something new to believe & a group to join

Therefore we have to be trustworthy & offer a better group to join.