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kitten-in-arms-thinkstockphotos-106397271-335lc070915jpgThe wondrous website Everyday Feminism offers advice to middle aged men on how & what to date. The ideological delusion is so extreme…

Absurd patriarchal notion number 1 that you assume that your girlfriend is actually female, well that means that you are: sexist, an eraser, and you justify violence.

Absurd patriarchal notion number 2 is that you may be attracted to young, slim pretty women. That means you are: ableist, ageist, and fatphobic, and you believe that women were made for your pleasure.

(You were taught to believe that young women are more attractive, because all sexual desires are learnt and nothing is genetic.)

Absurd patriarchal notion number 3 is that you have some kind of entitlement to prefer slim, big booby young bodies over mature saggy flabby tits on knees craggy ladies. If you do that means you are: perpetuating misogynistic competition between women.

Absurd patriarchal notion number 4 is that we are faithful and/or that we are not faithful. If you assume that we won’t cheat on you (or that we will cheat on you) that means you are: a judgemental pig

Absurd patriarchal notion number 5 is that old lady parts don’t get wet. If you believe this then you are: showing youth privilege & misogyny

Absurd patriarchal notion number 6 is that if you are dating a woman your own age and she disappears for a couple of months that means she’s sore or worn out or forgotten where you live. No you fool she’s probably dead and why didn’t you check? 

Absurd patriarchal notion number 7 is that you think you know what is going on, that you can classify this as just dating or a love affair this means that you are: a fool, no man ever knows what a women is doing & you can never know. 

And that is dating advice for the middle aged from Everyday Feminism.

Happy dating!


This article was also featured in a video by VEE