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America has a law which requires any federally funded college to have equal access for students of either sex or of whatever race etc. Nothing to see here, move along, but the federal government bureaucracy created detailed suggestions of what they should do over sexual allegations.

This has created a bizarre shadow justice system run by unqualified staff who use civil law procedures to decide criminal accusations and in the process deny the accused the basic protections of knowing the charge, who brought the charge and having legal representation.

Students & faculty have been trampled in this breech of natural justice, and a few have gone to civil court or begun lobbying for change in the rules.

A daily Beast article details two sexual allegations that seemed to go awry.

Title IX isn’t the problem, it was the expansion of this suggested by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.  Their officials wrote to university officials to start vigorous policing of sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus. Harassment, according to them, was subjective, so universities had to investigate all accusations, no matter how unreasonable they seemed.

A group of students are trying to change the system as explained in a Daily Caller article which claims,

The policy promulgated in the 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter lacked the well-crafted protections which enabled institutions to prohibit Title IX violations and promote free speech.

Obama’s Office for Civil Rights has redefined sexual harassment as mere “unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.” Under “Dear Colleague” letter’s directives, single instances of “jokes,” “insulting sounds” and “degrading remarks” can constitute Title IX violations. The “Dear Colleague” letter has created an atmosphere in which sexual harassment no longer needs to be pervasive or even “objectively offensive.”

And so we descend into madness where unreasonable complaints are to be investigated by untrained staff with potentially devastating effect on students or faculty.