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kitten-in-arms-thinkstockphotos-106397271-335lc070915jpg Feminist words mean, & are mean, so let’s learn the dogma:


– has replaced ‘sex’ and which feminists regard as a ‘social construct’ that has little or no basis in biology. Feminists claim that how the sexes behave is entirely learnt and that therefore we can train boys to be empathetic, quiet, neat girls who play dinner time with fluffy toys.

Lived experience
-semi meaningless and obviously redundant way of claiming that what women (or any minority persons) feel is more important than what men (or white persons) say, think, do, achieve, build or aim for.
If a women experiences fear, some man must go to jail.

-only women (and ethnic minorities) earn what they have and deserve to be given even more, while males (and whites) got it unfairly and should have it taken away. Being unprivileged makes you know the truth, being privileged makes you stupid.

Structural Violence
– If any women is harmed then all women are harmed & using attractive women in adverts is also structural violence against women.

Micro aggression
-we live in such a peaceful society that minor differences of opinion and imperceptible slights or creepy glint in the eye of a man are all crimes that oppress women.
Modern version of calling for the burning of a witch for giving the evil eye.

There, now you are a trained Feminist. Go forth and humiliate men.