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Fifty years of a tremendously successful movement which has changed the world and we still aren’t sure if it is for equality or a man hating anti-capitalist collectivist cult.

Clearly it is collectivist in that it divides our species into two groups (or at least it used to before it became gender inventive).

There are sweet young girlie-women who make Youtube videos in which they giggle as they explain feminism by repeating buzz words that almost everyone already knows, then there are girlie-men who point out how they were never members of the rugby team and that they need feminism to protect them from being teased about this.

Louder and tending toward the obnoxious we have purple haired, big glasses wearing, perhaps with tattoos and maybe a piercing, women who scream abuse at a passing workman who has the temerity to have glanced in her direction.

Behind this there is an upper echelon of professional feminists who write in the mass media or are TV presenters and who release expensively made video on Youtube. These are the fruit and the pollen of the movement.

But there is a more important level than these visible promoters, advocates and often judges of the movement; they are the less seen middle managers in law firms, in the courts, in government bureaucracy, in major corporations and in any tough air conditioned office work environment.

More influential still are the faculties of virtually every university in the Western World which are dominated by persons in harmony with feminism and anti-capitalist anti-western civilization. That is just the way it is and it has taken a few decades for the current generation to work their way up by dint of waiting for the previous generations to retire or die.

Then we have the book and manifesto writing fonts of wisdom, those who published and popularised, those who formulated and propagated the university curriculum and now the lessons being taught in school.

Where America has a constitutional prohibition on the Government promoting a religion, feminism being an ideology has had no problem using government funds and institutions to promote its ideological conjecture.

Not only have universities for decades thought & taught feministically, they also indoctrinate feminism as if it were fact instead of studying it objectively as a set of theories. Worse, this form of thinking and teaching includes not just secondary and primary education, but even shows itself in kindergarten.

We are a feminist dominated matriarchy, and we have to accept that this is where we live.

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